Richland, WA

Central Plateau Cleanup Company

We’ve been providing continuing cleanup services at the Hanford Site since 2013.

Custom piping system installed by Intermech for a radioactive material client

Value Delivered

Intermech provided value engineering solutions for the continuing cleanup of the Hanford Site. Solutions helped address treatment and disposal of various radioactive waste streams and groundwater, management of spent nuclear fuel, disposal or disposition of nuclear materials, and environmental remediation activities. Additionally, we were the only qualified contractor onsite to make repairs and install a temporary High Density Poly Ethelene water line for fire protection.

Client Objectives

As a prime contractor to the US Department of Energy (DOE), Central Plateau Cleanup Company (CPCCo) is focused on the safe, environmental cleanup of the Central Plateau of DOE’s Hanford Site.


Intermech provided fabrication and installation services for the following:

  • Injection and extraction well mechanical racks
  • Stainless steel piping
  • PVC and CPVC piping
  • Single and double wall HDPE piping
  • Tanks, strainers, pumps, filters, and exhaust piping

Client Background

CPCCo is responsible for managing site operations, facility deactivation, decommissioning, decontamination, demolition, site remediation, and transuranic waste management on Hanford’s Central Plateau and along the Columbia River Corridor.