Pocatello, ID

JR Simplot

Specialized training was required to help ensure that all pipe welds were properly certified for this wastewater disposal system.

Intermech team members installing piping for a wastewater disposal client

Value Delivered

As part of a partnership that has lasted several decades, Intermech provided fabrication and installation of the HDPE pipe system that disburses wastewater contaminated with gypsum from this fertilizer plant. 

This eliminated the leaching of contaminated water into the ground, extended the life of the current gypsum stacks, and allowed for vertical stacking.

Client Objectives

To provide a system to properly dispose of gypsum contaminated wastewater that is created as part of the fertilizer production process.


To perform the specialized work required for this project, our field personnel were trained in HDPE pipe fusion, so all welds could be recorded properly and certified. We fabricated and installed the complete wastewater disposal system, as well as coordinated with the civil contractor to help ensure that the pipe bedding and drain fields were installed correctly.

Client Background

JR Simplot is an agribusiness company headquartered in Boise, Idaho.