Richland, WA


Our design-build services helped remove redundancies and ensure that the mechanical system design was optimized for maintenance requirements.

View of a custom mechanical system project at Framtone's facility

Value Delivered

Intermech provided design-build services for the mechanical system of this new facility including:

  • Selection of materials and components to meet time and budget constraints
  • Routing of systems to utilize common supports and eliminate unnecessary complexity or redundancy
  • Help ensure ease of operations and accessibility
  • Help ensure clearances and tolerances were within code requirements and optimal for maintenance

Client Objectives

To construct a new facility to bolster their nuclear reactor fuel development operations.


Fabrication and installation of:

  • 72 custom process tanks
  • Over 13,500 linear feet of process and utility piping

Our team successfully completed over 2,500 x-ray quality welds and had zero accidents or injuries.

Client Background

Framatome provides equipment, components, instrumentation, fuel, and services for nuclear power plants.